Big Move to Bugaba Island

Just over one month ago, after completing projects on Banda Island, the Firefly camp packed up and moved to Bugaba Island. Bugaba is the second largest island in Lake Victoria, at roughly 275 square kilometers in size. There are three small farming villages on the island, with a combined population of approximately 2,000 residents. Our current new camp is pictured below.

The main reason we moved to Bugaba is the local orphanage. Our team has visited them many times before and has had plans to support them for a long time. The orphanage got started about seven years ago by Emily, a Ugandan woman, who happened to own some land on this island. She is now taking care of about thirty orphans of all ages. Her whole philosophy behind the orphanage is that they live as one big family. They all call her their mum and see each other as siblings.


Emily and the older kids farm many things, to sustain themselves. Everything that doesn’t get used in the orphanage gets sold on the mainland. They have been living without access to toilets, clean drinking water, electricity etc. for this whole time. A year ago they started their own little primary school in a simple building, built with local timbers that Emily’s brother cuts.


They struggle to keep up with the costs of running a school and taking care of their children. Our plan here on Bugaba is to support them as much as we can, by providing them with safe drinking water, a toilet-composting system, power supply through solar, and by building a proper, weatherproof school house. All of this we plan to build as environmentally friendly as possible, using as many local resources as we can. During our time on Banda Island, we have had the chance to design, implement, test and perfect all of our systems, making the whole process here on Bugaba a lot quicker and easier. Orphanage owner Emily has done so much all on her own, and she more than deserves as much support as we can possibly give her.



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