International Math 2.0 Day

This week, we discuss the importance of Mathematics education and literacy for future success.

Take a moment to think about everything you’ve done today. Chances are, you used basic mathematics at least once. It could have been counting out money, measuring something, or figuring out how many hours you had left at work. Whether consciously or subconsciously, math is an integral part of our every day lives. Each July 8th is Math 2.0 Day, an opportunity to celebrate math and its importance to our success!

Not only is math the basis of all science and technology, it is hugely important to the economy, as well. Here on Bugaba Island, the three villages, as well as Emily’s Orphanage, are productive in farming, fishing, and creating things to fulfill basic needs. Everything that isn’t consumed or used by the residents is sold. This means that the economy and livelihood here, and in many other parts of Uganda, is largely based on the independent selling of goods, such as rice, coffee, sweet potatoes, or handmade crafts. Believe it or not, running a small business of this sort takes a lot of skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Knowing how much your product is, how much money to expect after a transaction, and how much to price different quantities, all relies on mathematics.

20190705_074805Pictured are two eager learners during a math lesson.            In addition to running a small business, math is used in countless other trades. Construction work, for example, uses fractions, percentages, and ratios for almost every job. Bakers also use the same skills to follow simple recipes, and double or triple quantities. Tailors, teachers, potters, boat builders, etc. all use math in their daily lives. An understanding of these skills is integral to economic success, financial security, and independence.

Math is important for producers, as well as consumers. People who have math skills find it easier to lead independent lives. Being proficient in math allows people to better understand when they’re getting a good deal on a product, or whether they’re being swindled. It is important in managing a budget, creating a daily schedule, applying logic skills, and so much more! All of these skills transfer from the classroom into everyday life! 20190705_082114

Unfortunately, many children in this region, as many as 40%, never have the opportunity to go to school to learn these increasingly important skills. Additionally, many more drop out of school before they can become proficient in these areas. This is why so much of our work revolves around providing quality education to as many children as we possibly can. Pictured is Teacher Nora leading a lesson on different place values, and reading large numbers.

Here at Firefly Uganda, we understand how important it is to set children up for success and independence, which is why we strive to provide a fun and wholistic learning environment for mathematics. We help children to learn, not just for an exam, but to carry these skills with them into the world. A foundation of mathematics is important for any child! Happy Math 2.0 Day from the Firefly Family!





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